Seeds' six chapters tell the amazing story of the humble seed through the vantage of seed people around the world, from farmers, to scientists, to cooks, to gardeners, to brewers and baristas. In Chapter One, we go on a photographic adventure into the exquisite complexity of seeds with world renounced seed artist, Robert Llewellyn. In Chapter Two, we follow Norman Borlaug on his quest to prevent famine through seeds and how, in the process, he launched the Green Revolution. In Chapter Three, we travel to Zambia and see how scientists there are naturally breeding vitamin A into the maize crop to help stave off the epidemic of little to no micro-nutrients in the food. In Chapter Four, author Thor Hanson takes us on a journey through a day without seeds; and it is a crummy day. In Chapter Five, we see how scientists around the world use Seed Banks to keep world agriculture thriving in all kinds of environmental challenges. In Chapter Six, we explore how farmers and policy makers in ...

Genres: Documentary


Director: Walker Lambert

Country: USA

Duration: 62 min

Quality: SD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 3.6