Blood Flower

Iqbal and his mother have a special talent for seeing things that others cannot. Together with his father, who doesn’t share their sight, they work as exorcists until one day his mother meets a tragic end, saving Iqbal from an attack by a particularly malevolent spirit. With his mother gone, Iqbal’s father attempts to end the family’s suffering by binding his son’s abilities by using a mystic, but it only half works. When Iqbal and his friends inadvertently unleash a very nasty spirit in a fit of adolescent abandon, he learns that his abilities aren’t completely gone... but are they strong enough to save the people he loves from a fate worse than death?

Genres: Fantasy , Horror , Mystery

Actors: Remy Ishak , Bront Palarae , Idan Aedan

Director: Dain Said

Country: Malaysia

Duration: 102 min

Quality: SD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 5.6