Singularity and Human Relationships

Jean had finished 10k tasks assigned to her on schedule and logged off. She didn’t want to be late for Mike’s birthday party at home. As she rushed out of her office, she took out her SPad/phone, told her secretary she was going home and proceeded to the parking space. Her car’s sensor received the […]

Top 5 Famous Superheroes of All Time

The Merriam Webster Dictionary states, ” a superhero is a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers; also, an exceptionally skillful or successful person “. Well, try to ask someone on the street to name a superhero and I’m sure they’d give you a few. But according to the most recent surveys and website polls […]

Understanding Model Casting Agencies

Model agencies are constantly looking for different amateur models as well as age professionals. Thus, there are many model casting calls to search for them. Several girls respond to casting calls without really having a clue of what the agencies do or how they function. It is vital to have these facts before you can […]

Penelope Fussbudget – Trampoline Fun

Penelope loved to jump and run. She loved the sun on her face. She loved playing in the park with her friends. Penelope’s best friends were Taco Menendes and Suezie Jenkins. They always played and ran everywhere they went. The three of them met in the mornings on the bus on their way to school. […]