Mu xue mi cheng

TGu Ye was born in a family of intellectuals, from small to generate a strong interest in history, especially during the Tang Dynasty princess Gao Yang is particularly obsessed with the legend. Because of his father's paranoia, he has entered the University of Gu Ye have been unable to enter their favorite historical archeology. By chance, Gu Ye Xie Chunan and friend for many years led the expedition club also sponsors mysterious boss Qiu went into a deserted tomb of the Tang Dynasty ...... a vajra, a piece of jade Jue, a few broken incomplete Tomb diary, actually opened a period of thousands of years of love and hatred disputes, it will also be the tomb of a pedestrian into an unprecedented crisis

Genres: Drama

Actors: Jeana Ho , Ray Chang , Lu Zhang , Sarah Yan Li , Yulai Lu , Kwan-Ho Tse

Director: Jingwu Ning

Country: China

Duration: 86 min

Quality: SD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 3.2